Granger Smith Concerts Will Soon End As the Country Star Steps Back to Pursue Ministry

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Granger Smith concerts will soon be coming to an end as the country star takes a step back from music in order to pursue ministry. The musician has decided to focus his time, energy, and efforts on more faith-based activities.

Following God and being a disciple of His often requires a fair amount of faith. Sometimes the Lord can push us in a direction, onto an unknown road, where the future is more than a little murky and unclear. Stepping out in blind trust and obedience to God's calling is often scary and filled with uncertainty.

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Country music singer Granger Smith announced on Instagram that he is giving up music and will now pursue the ministry. The "Backroad Song" singer said that his tour this summer will be his "last ever tour."

Granger Smith Concerts End And His Ministry Begins

He said that his final tour, which will go through Labor Day, is going to be all about his fans and will give him the opportunity to say thank you.

He added that God placed a "strong desire to pursue ministry” in his heart. Granger said he and his family will pour into their local church. Granger will also be learning from his local church leaders.

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He mentioned that he has "been attending seminary" at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Granger called this period in his life a "time of learning and growing."

Later in the video, Granger Smith stated that he got to the point where he could not continue working in the music industry, performing on stage at concerts, and serving the Lord. He could not do both. So, he made a decision for the Lord.

In the video, Granger specifically mentions reading Mark 8:34, in which Jesus instructs the crowd and His disciples that anyone who follows Him must "deny himself and take up His cross." He called performing on stage, seeking personal adulation and praise from the crowd and attending seminary, pursuing ministry a "contradiction."

Granger ended the video by stating how excited he is to be answering God's call on his heart.

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"You can see what a life change this is for me and how hard it is and yet so exciting," Granger said. "And I'm so hopeful about this future and about what, what it holds for me and my family."

1 Thessalonians 5:24 "Faithful is he that calls you, who also will do it."

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