Groom’s Tie Brings Back A Powerful Memory From His Bride’s Past

godupdates bride prayed over groom's tie before they met fb

Groom’s Tie Is A Symbol Of God’s Faithfulness

Weddings always bring out a lot of emotions. . . and tissues! As Tami Acree started her walk down the aisle, her eyes fell upon her groom’s tie. And it brought back a memory from college, long before she’d met her husband-to-be. And seeing God’s Hand in something as simple as a neck tie is truly powerful!

godupdates bride prayed over groom's tie before they met fb

Credit: Facebook

Tami wrote about the beautiful moment on Facebook, in a post that has since gone viral!

She says:

“That is a very specal tie. When I was a sophomore in college, I was challenged to purchase a tie and hang it in my room to remind me to pray for my future husband.

For 7 years, it hung on my bed or my dresser mirror and more times than I can count it led me to pray God would encourage, grow, and spiritually develop my someday husband into the man of God I desired. I always meant to give it to my husband as a momento on our wedding day.

The night before our wedding, I was with my girls and went to wrap it and we realized it was navy blue, grey, and pink. Our 3 wedding colors! (And it wasn’t on purpose, I was originally thinking mint or yellow as the accent color.)

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I had such a special moment with the Lord.

He knew even before I bought that tie 7 years ago that Caleb was the man I was praying for and He orchestrated it in His perfect timing! I didn’t tell Caleb to wear it, I just gave it to him like I always meant to.

And as I’m walking down the aisle towards him, one of the things I will always remember is seeing Caleb and seeing he is wearing my prayer-soaked tie.”

How’s that for powerful?! Our God is faithful, and His signs are all around us. We just need to look for them.

“And this shall he the sign unto thee from the LORD, that the LORD will do this thing that he hath spoken:” Isaiah 38:7

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h/t: Facebook / Tami Acree