God Had A Very Special Purpose For This Stranger And His Sunflower

A Sunflower Is A Sign For A Grieving Stranger

Have you ever felt pulled to do something that made no sense at the time? But once you do it, it becomes clear God was using you for a greater purpose? That’s exactly what happened to Danny Wakefield when he decided to give a sunflower to a complete stranger. And what happened after he gave me chills!

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After having a great time on a first date, Danny picked up a sunflower with plans to leave it on that special someone’s windshield. However, at the last minute, he changed his mind, fearing the gesture may be seen as coming on too strong. But it seemed a shame to just throw the sunflower away. So, instead, he decided to look for an opportunity to give it away.

The next day, he took the sunflower with him on his daily trip to the coffee shop. Usually he got his order to go. But this morning was different. He decided to enjoy his coffee there. As it turns out, that was no accident, nor was the spontaneous purchase of the sunflower. God had special plans in store!

Danny shared the incredible story on Facebook. He wrote:

“Last night I bought a sunflower to put on the windshield of someone I’m smitten with. After some consideration I decided not to since we had only been on one date, the night previous. Don’t want to come off too strong, right? Anyway, I grabbed the flower on my way out this morning with the intention to give it to someone on my way to work so it didn’t die alone. What happened next has left me changed in ways I don’t even have words for yet.

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Credit: Facebook

While I was sitting and drinking my morning joe at the coffee shop (which I typically take to go), I saw a woman reading something with tears quietly and quickly sliding down her pale face. It was like there was a magnet in the sunflower that was being drawn to her, because I knew in that moment she was who I was going to give the sunflower to; she was who I had to give it to.

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When I got to her table I said, ‘hey, pardon me. I have this sunflower that I was hoping to give to someone special and that someone I had in mind didn’t work out, but I can feel that you’re special too, so I want you to have it.’

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Before I could even hand her the sunflower, this complete stranger flew into my arms with tears flowing, and gratitude spewing, as if I was someone she once loved, and lost. It’s what she said next that I’m still trying to grip.

She was crying because her fiancé had died the week before, just months before they were going to get married. On their first date he brought her a sunflower and from then on, got her sunflowers, never roses, because she was the light of his life.

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Today, through me, he was able to show her that she’ll always be the light of his life and how we as humans have a message to carry that goes far beyond words.

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Credit: Facebook

I’m shaken, awaken and feeling raw. You never know how much a simple gesture of giving someone a $5 flower will change their life, as well as yours. Life is about giving and being of service to others. I challenge you all to find a way to make someone else’s life just a little bit brighter today and be of service. You never know the impact you could have.

Please feel free to share this, and a little extra love.

I dare you do the same and give a sunflower to someone you don’t know. Be a part of the good; be a part of the #sunflowerchallenge.”

Oftentimes, the pull God puts on our heart doesn’t make sense to us, and we can let that scare us away from doing what we’ve been called by Him to do. But if we are faithful, God can do some pretty amazing things!

“To this end we also pray always for you, that our God may count you worthy of your calling, and fulfill every desire of goodness and work of faith, with power” 2 Thessalonians 1:11

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