Adorably Grumpy Infant Takes the Internet by Storm and Is Sure to Bring a Smile

grumpy infant

Photographer Lauren Carson of Drawing in Light Photography may not have been going for the "grumpy infant" look, but her photos of this little one are adorable!

Many years ago, new parents took newborn outfits-one girl and one boy-to the hospital so that a hospital designee could take generic pictures before mom and baby ever headed home. Today's infant photos are planned with intention and taken with time.

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Adorable Photos of This 7-Week-Old

Photographers today don't shoot and snap. They're creative artists who understand lighting, angles, equipment, and editing. They also have the imagination and inspiration to create perfect poses and evoke incredible expressions. However, getting a baby to cooperate can be a feat.

Lauren Carson's recent photos of a 7-day-old infant garnered major attention when she shared them on social media. While the grumpy guy might not have been in good humor, the hilarious pictures from his photoshoot spread joy and laughter across the internet!

His expressions are priceless! He has a furrowed brow in one and a tight-lipped scowl in another. In one photo, his eyes are narrowed in what looks like disdain, and he looks like he smells something really bad in yet another.

Lauren responded to commenter questions and comments regarding the baby boy's age and comfort level:

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He’s Grumpy Infant But A Snuggle Bug

“Yes, he really is a newborn. He was 7 days old and just a big baby!

No, he’s not uncomfortable. The fabric he is swaddled in is super stretchy, and he could have wiggled out of it if he really wanted to. Or I would have unwrapped him if he started to get fussy.

He may look grumpy, but he was actually a sweet little snuggle bug!

Not long after these were taken, he fell asleep and we took some more traditional posed newborn pictures.”

Lauren expressed her appreciation for the amazing response to her photos, saying, "I am thrilled these pictures have gotten so much attention! Thank you everyone for all your shares and all the love."

You can view the sweet photos on the Drawing In Light Photography Facebook page!

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"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him." Psalm 127:3

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Drawing In Light Photography