Mom Warns Parents After Pacifier Sends Infant To ER

infant's Pacifier warning

Kristen Milhone put her 7-month-old son into his bassinet, along with an infant’s pacifier, for his usual nap. But now she’s warning other parents. Because once he woke up, they were headed to the ER!

Kristen Milhone is a mother in Michigan. And like many other babies, her 7-month-old son Jack often sleeps with an infant’s pacifier.

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It was no different one Wednesday morning when Kristen laid Jack down for his usual nap.

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Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

But when the Michigan mom picked her son up out of his bassinet, she spotted something she’d never seen before. There was a disturbing mark on the side of his face.

“There were these blisters that were yellow and just starting to form … It just reminded me of a chemical burn so I kind of freaked out a little bit,” she recalled.

So, Kristen packed her son up and headed straight to the emergency room!

Doctors Blame Infant’s Pacifier

At first, the bump on Jack’s little face puzzled the doctors. But after Kristen explained her son had been sleeping with a pacifier, they had a good guess at what happened.

The diameter of Jack’s pacifier seemed to match the diameter of the bump on his face. And so, doctors suspect the infant’s pacifier suctioned onto the boy’s face as he slept, leaving a blistery mark behind.

Considering this exact brand of pacifiers are sent home by the hospital with new moms, Kristen felt the need to share her story with other parents.

"You put your kids [to bed] thinking they are safe and these things you really might trust turn out to be dangerous," the shocked mom said.

So now, Kristen is sharing her story in hopes that other mothers will think twice before letting their child sleep with a pacifier.

"If you are going to use it, take it away from them as soon as they fall asleep,” she advises. “Especially when they start rolling around, don't let them sleep with it in the crib.”

Every parent needs to hear this warning!

WATCH: Mom’s Warning After Infant’s Pacifier Sends Son To ER


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