Mom’s Daughter Got Something Stuck Up Her Nose But A Trick Saved Her A Trip To The ER

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This mama saved herself a very expensive visit to the emergency room thanks to one of the followers of her blog. You have got to see this ER hack!

Her daughter was in the other room playing when all of a sudden, she let out a huge cry. Now, every mom knows the types of cries their children let out. And this mom knew that her daughter was crying from being in pain. When she asked her what was wrong, her daughter kept pointing to her nose. So, this mama got a flashlight and looked in her nose to see what the problem could be.

She noticed that somehow, her daughter had something shoved up her nose and it was hurting her really badly. It was too far up there for her to be able to get it out, so she had to take her to the emergency room.

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So as this mom got her daughter loaded up in the car, she called to cancel her evening plans. She was supposed to have a one-on-one call with someone who followed her blog. But obviously, things were not going to work out due to this unfortunate circumstance.

When she informed her follower that she needed to reschedule, she found out that he follower used to work in the ER. And coincidently, she knew just what to do to help. She suggested just the trick to help her little girl. And it all worked out like a charm!

WATCH: ER Hack Saved Mama Thousands

Credit: JugglingTheJenkins

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