Hero Teacher Shows Up At Hospital After Student’s Parents Ask Her To Come Get Their Newborn Baby

hero teacher

As she struggled to catch her breath, a mom about to be wheeled down the hospital hallway for an emergency C-section first made a single phone call for help. At the other end of the phone, her first-grade son's teacher who the mom had only met in passing a few times at parent-teacher conferences. That hero teacher didn't realize that things would suddenly become very dire, and she would be bringing a newborn baby home with her!

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Teachers do amazing things for their children, and many go above and beyond for their families. That was the case for one very special teacher in Connecticut who got an unusual call from a hospital from one of her student's parents, Zully.

Luciana Lira teaches English as a second language at an elementary school, and Zully and Marvin's son is one of her students. Marvin doesn't speak English, and the couple initially reached out to see if Luciana could help Marvin communicate with the hospital about Zully's care. Zully was eight months pregnant and had Covid-19 symptoms. The worried mom knew that Marvin may need some help if she became sicker.

Hero Teacher Acts As Translator At Hospital

They told the teacher that Zully was about to have an emergency C-section and asked if Luciana would act as a translator between the doctors and her husband. Luciana barely knew the couple, but still quickly agreed to help. Obviously, it was the right thing to do!

Zully gave birth to their baby boy, Neysel, who thankfully tested negative for Covid-19. Despite being five-weeks premature, he was a healthy baby boy who weighed over five pounds. But Zully's condition worsened, and she required a ventilator to stay alive. Then she became comatose.

Luciana became the hospital's contact person for the family, relaying messages to Zully's mom in Guatemala about Zully's care. And sharing prayers from Zully's mom with the family in the hospital.

After a short stay in the NICU, Neysel was released to go home. But Marvin had become afraid to take his baby boy home. What if he, too, had contracted the deadly virus? Luciana, a mother herself, offered to bring the baby boy home with her.

Just two days later, Marvin did test positive for Covid-19. “So thank God I decided to take that baby home,” Luciana shared.

Teacher Takes Care Of Baby While Both Parents Recover From COVID-19

In time, Zully and Marvin recovered and rejoined their 7-year old son at home. But in their weakened condition, neither are well enough to care for Neysel at home and continue to rely on Luciana's care until he can safely return home. “I’m hoping it’s going to be very, very soon, because that’s my biggest dream to have this baby meet his mommy, and his daddy and his older brother,” Luciana said.

Until the day comes when the family is healthy again, teacher Luciana will continue to look after their child. Luciana keeps the family in touch with Neysel through video chatting, where they can see and talk to their beloved newborn child.

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Luciana is showing the family a type of love that is full of grace and care, expecting nothing in return.

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