How You Can Avoid the Trap of False Teaching – Senior Living – February 19

How You Can Avoid the Trap of False Teaching

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." – Matthew 7:15

Chuck Swindoll tells a story about how years ago a man went into a fried chicken place and bought a couple of chicken dinners for himself and his date. But instead of chicken, the young woman at the counter inadvertently gave him the proceeds from the day-a whole bag of money.

After driving to their picnic site, the two sat down to enjoy their meal. But they discovered a whole lot more than chicken-over $800! So the man quickly put the money back in the bag, got in the car, and drove all the way back to the restaurant.

The manager was thrilled to death. He said, "Oh, great! I'm gonna have your picture put in the local newspaper. You're the most honest man I've ever met!" But the man quickly responded, "Oh no, don't do that!" Then he leaned closer and whispered, "You see, the woman I'm with is not my wife… she's somebody else's."

Now I'll bet that you absolutely loved this man up until the last sentence. And now you probably think he's a sleazebag! Isn't it amazing what can happen to our impressions of people once we know the full story?

In much the same way, many "spiritual leaders" today look good on the outside. But when you find out what they're really teaching, you discover they may not be all they proclaim. So be careful what you allow yourself to be taught by "pop-spirituality" and cling to the truth of Scripture!

Prayer Challenge:

Pray and ask God to give you good discernment between what's true, biblical teaching and what is false "pop-spirituality."

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