Speaker Shares What It Means To Love and Be Loved By God

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Have you ever thought about the true definition of love? Is it something we earn or can be qualified for? How would you explain it? Everyone has their own impression of what love may be. But even with the millions of cheesy love quotes, profound philosophies, and electrifying epiphanies, none of it can truly encapsulate the true meaning. Except for one thing, the answer all lies in the God of love and this inspirational speaker describes love in the truest sense.

It does not seem good enough to limit love to simply being an affectionate expression or a fluctuating emotion. I tend to have a hard time with forming the words to paint a clear picture of what we all so badly seek after. The idea of love is so vast, it is so deep, that my head begins to spin when I try to break down its subtleties.

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And that is when I pause and reflect on what it means to love and be loved by God. That seems to be one of the sweetest moments in life – when we are given a moment to sit back and reflect on the love that God has for us, what He did and continues to do to express the overwhelming love He has for us. It takes my breath away because in that moment we are able to recognize that there is not a single thing on this Earth that will represent what love is except for God.

His love is so significant. It does not make sense, but it gives so much value to our lives. The love of God is what finds us in our darkest places and carries us into marvelous light. Nothing would ever stop the God of love from pursuing us and there's nothing we could do to make Him love us more or love us less.

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