Grieving Woman Is Struggling to Pay for Grandpa’s Funeral Then J.J. Watt Offers to Help

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A grieving woman was blessed by J.J. Watt, a football player who played for the Houston Texans for 10 years, when he offered to pay for her grandpa's funeral.

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Jennifer Simpson recently lost her grandfather, and she was doing all that she could to help her family cover the costs of his funeral. That's when she decided to post on Twitter to advertise that she was selling her J.J. Watt sneakers and J.J. Watt jersey.

"It hurt me to have to sell things like this. But I'll do it to help my family out," said Jennifer.

But just 20 minutes after posting about her items for sale, Jennifer got a response from someone that completely shocked her. It was J.J. Watt who was offering a helping hand!

“Don’t sell your shoes and jersey, we’ll help with the funeral. I’m sorry for your loss,” he wrote in response to Jennifer's tweet.

J.J. Watt Football Player Offers To Pay For Grandpa’s Funeral

“I freaking love you man," Jennifer wrote back to her idol to express her gratitude. "It’s been a hard year for me, and this last month has been hard since the death. I wish I could tell you my story.”

Jennifer also shared that the generous response from J.J. had her overwhelmed.

"I couldn't sleep last night after that," she said. "I was just so overwhelmed by different emotions. It just shows that there is still goodness in this world."

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Now this isn't the first time that J.J. Watt showed a generous act of kindness off the football field. A few years ago, he raised millions of dollars to help Houston recover from a hurricane. What a stand-up guy!

WATCH: Football Player J.J. Watt Helps Fan Pay For Her Grandpa’s Funeral

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