Joanna Gaines Gets Brutally Honest About Motherhood

joanna gaines motherhood

Joanna Gaines gets brutally honest about motherhood, and you will love her perspective.

Motherhood does a funny thing to time. There are moments when it seems as if the terrible twos will never pass. Then you blink, and you're dropping your now-grown child off at college. I get how Joanna feels.

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My oldest recently got married while my youngest just finished a big project for her 7th-grade science fair, and my son, who's stuck in the middle, seems to be becoming a man right before my eyes. Soon, he will spread his wings and fly as Joanna's oldest son did.

Joanna's oldest son drake turned 18 and finally left the nest. She wrote, "Today, we watched our oldest son drive away for the first time," Gaines read. "I won't lie; there were a lot of tears. Not from Chip-he was practically chasing Drake down the driveway cheering him on while I went back inside to gather myself."

She added, "It hurt to watch my son leave in such an obvious display of what it looks like to grow out of us. This right of passage now belonging to him."

Joanna Gaines Get Honest About Motherhood

It was at this moment that her perspective on life and motherhood shifted. When she went inside, her youngest son Crew, 4, acted as though "nothing had changed forever."

"He was simply wondering if I'd come back in to play with him," she wrote. The simplicity of this gesture helped Joanna realize that "At that moment, I knew how essential this rhythm is; to lose and then gain, to have and to hold, only to let go. It was a gift of perspective."

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Looking at her son, she said, "this is a beautiful and gracious reminder of the bigger picture," she continued. "Showing me that highs follow lows, that sorrow and joy can go hand in hand, and that letting go reveals what else our arms were made to carry."

Joanna nailed it. She managed to give us the words for the emotions we feel as we raise our children to become adults. In motherhood, life is bittersweet. Joy and sorrow go hand in hand from one stage to the next. It's incredible, exhausting, daunting, and worth it.

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"Very truly, I tell you, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy," John 16:20.

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