Lauren Daigle Interview Reveals Touching Story Of How ‘You Say’ Lyrics Literally Saved A Fan’s Life

Lauren Daigle Interview You Say lyrics

In a Lauren Daigle interview, the Christian celebrity shared the most incredible story of the life-saving impact the lyrics of You Say had for one fan. And it’s such a powerful reminder of how God is working through each and every one of us whether we realize it or not!

Since bursting onto the scene in 2015, singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle has continued to touch the world with her incredible voice and powerful songs. From hits such as You Say and How Can It Be, Lauren Daigle is one of the most recognized names in modern-day Christian music.

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During a Lauren Daigle interview with SiriusXM, the young singer recalled a fan who stopped her outside of a concert. The young girl wanted to tell Lauren how much her music impacted her life.

You Say Lyrics Save Fan’s Life

Earlier in her life, the fan was going through some pretty hard times. She made the decision to take her own life.

"She said she was literally in the act and You Say came on the radio,” Lauren Daigle recalled in the interview. “And she said she pulled over her car and it changed her life."

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The gentle words reminded the fan of an important truth. Her Father in Heaven already loved and cared for her.

Lauren Daigle You Say Lyrics

"You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing

You say I am strong when I think I am weak

You say I am held when I am falling short

When I don’t belong, oh You say that I am Yours

And I believe (I), oh I believe (I)

What You say of me (I)

I believe"

In the interview, Lauren Daigle explained how touching it was to hear the young girl's story. But what was even more remarkable was seeing the fan in the front row a few months later.

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What a blessing to see these songs of worship help heal hearts all over the globe!

WATCH: Lauren Daigle Interview Reveals Touching Fan Story

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