Young Boy Comes Back After Spotting Purse On Top But Doesn’t Realize Cameras Are Rolling

lost purse what to do

This little boy spotted a lost purse on top of someone’s car and knew just what to do. Not only that but he was unknowingly caught on camera performing this nice gesture. Somebody has been doing a great job teaching this boy kindness.

He happened upon the purse one morning while riding his bike through the neighborhood.

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The kid was merrily biking his way down the street before spotting the purse. He quickly brought his bike to a halt, slowly swiveled around, and pedaled back in the direction of the car.

The young boy did not hesitate at all as he neared the car and parked his bike. Knowing just what to do, he confidently moved toward the purse, picked it up, and walked down the sidewalk toward the house of the purse's potential owner. He maneuvered toward the residence, carrying the purse with the finesse of a delivery person.

After he dropped off the item, he pressed the doorbell and in no time was back on his bike pedaling his way down the street, now in a different direction.

Doing The Right Thing

In the collective wisdom of society, there's a question often asked, "Who are you when no one is looking?" That's the perfect question for someone to consider when they want to make sure they are living a life full of honesty and integrity.

We may not know who this boy is, but we can see if nothing else, that he has the trait of honesty. Ironically, the camera capturing him was the purse's owner, Cindi. She mistakenly left her purse on the car for the entire night!

Thankfully, everything worked out. She received the double-whammy of not just being blessed that her purse was not stolen, but she witnessed a young boy returning it.

The truth is, we never know who is watching us at any given moment, maybe through a window, from a distance, through a camera. Can we live our lives full of integrity regardless of who is watching? After all, even where there are no people, God is always present.

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"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good." Proverbs 15:3

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