Man Rescues Kitten While Riding Motorcycle In Busy Traffic

man rescues kitten

A brave motorcycle driver saves the day! A man rescues a tiny kitten while driving in busy traffic and gets the adorable creature off the crowded highway.

At the beginning of the video, the motorcyclist pulls over after he sees something in the middle of the road. He motions to the cars and motorbikes behind him to come to a stop. Then, he walks over to where he saw something in the road and signals to the car that is stopped in the lane to back up. What is revealed under the car is a soaking wet and terrified little kitten!

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It is a miracle that the motorcycle driver even saw the kitten in the first place! With the dreary weather and the busy traffic, it must have been hard to spot that tiny animal in the middle of the road, but thankfully, he did.

After the kitten was in view, the motorcyclist bends over and scoops up the scared kitten and moves to safety on the side of the road. It was very courageous and heroic of him to stop the busy traffic, walk into the middle of the highway, and save this poor animal!

Man Rescues Kitten In Busy Traffic

Once they are out of the way of the oncoming traffic, you can hear the kitten crying in the motorcycle driver's hands while they are standing on the side of the road. He places him on top of the motorcycle and pets him while the traffic speeds by next to them.

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At the end of the video, the motorcyclist starts driving away with the kitten while patting him on the head. Hopefully, he will take him home, dry him off, and give him a nice place to recover out of harm's way! Thankfully, that motorcyclist was there that rainy afternoon and took the time to save this precious animal's life.

WATCH: Man Rescues Scared Kitten From Road

h/t: Godtube