Officer Parks At Busy Intersection To Help A Man In A Wheelchair Cross

Stranger Snaps Pic Of Police Officer Pushing Man In Wheelchair

These days, it’s not hard to hear about the bad news. In fact, sometimes it feels like that’s all there is. But there are still plenty of good people out there. And more and more, people are pulling out their cell phones to prove it. So, when a bystander noticed a police officer pushing a man in a wheelchair across a busy intersection, she shared the good deed to show we are still surrounded by plenty of kindness!

Caught On Camera

Kneko Demmitt Hiott was giving her friend a lift to work. And as they came upon a busy intersection, they noticed a police car blocking the right turn lane.

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Since the cop car was blocking their path, the friends cut through a bank parking lot. And that was when they saw just what the kind policeman was up to!

As Kneko watched the police officer pushing a man in a wheelchair across the street, she thought about how often these kind deeds go unnoticed and unreported. So, she snapped a pic and shared it on Facebook.

Her post read:

“Today me and Kirsten Jones were driving to drop her off at work coming down 29th to 23rd ave. As we came around the bend,we saw a Greeley Police officer parked in the right turn lane. We turned and cut through 1st bank since he was in the way. As we are about to turn onto 23rd, we saw why he was parked in the way. He took time out of his day to stop and help this person cross the road. This is the things that don’t get reported though the media. Next time you walk by an officer thank him or her for keeping you safe day to day. Shout out this officer with a heart of gold.”

Comments rolled in praising the officer for his compassion. And apparently it’s nothing new. One man commented that he’d witnessed the policeman doing the same for a blind woman.

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The post caught the attention of the Greeley Police Department. They shared Kneko’s post, identifying the caring cop as their own Officer Yeh. The department applauded Officer Yeh for his dedication and kindness (which we completely second)!

It’s so wonderful to this officer’s good deed getting so much attention. It’s a side of policework that so often goes unnoticed. These brave men and women serve their communities in so many ways, both big and small!

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h/t: Facebook / Greeley Police Department