Angels Rescue Matted Dog And Her Happy Dance After Grooming Pretty Much Sums It All Up

matted dog before and after

The look (and feel) of this matted dog before and after is enough to make her do a happy dance. The pup in this story is named Winnie, originally rescued from her previous owner in North Carolina.

Winnie is a poodle and Lhasa Apso mixed breed and weighs in at 15 pounds. Back at her home in North Carolina, Winnie was living in a cramped pen. That tightly enclosed space caused her hair to become severely matted.

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When a dog's hair begins to mat, the fur becomes tangled and continues to tangle unless proper grooming takes place. The equivalent for people would be those who stop brushing or combing their heads (or beards) and have hair that begins to twist and tangle. Without correct management, if something comes along and pulls on that hair then pain is bound to ensue.

This is why people should comb and brush their hair, and why the same should be done for our furry dogs.

Grooming Transforms Matted Dog

Professional groomer at PETA, Cat Daniels said, "[Lack of] grooming is often an overlooked aspect of neglect." Cat wound up giving Winnie the grooming he needed after a year of unsuccessfully trying to work with Winnie's owner.

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Upon grooming the matted dog, Cat found plenty of junk within Winnie's matted fur. She discovered twigs, dirt.

Cat said, "Matting can hide a lot of medical conditions," such as, "hot spots, skin infections, and ... even broken bones." Beneath Winnie's matted fur, there was clearly inflamed skin.

The matted dog was pretty reserved before receiving her grooming from Cat but after was a different story. Beforehand, Winnie was anxious and timid, but being in a new environment, those negative feelings were not going to last.

"However, once we removed that hair and gave her a nice bath, her personality came out immediately."

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Not just her personality, Winnie had a happy dance to celebrate for this very special occasion. Prayerfully, she has more special occasions to come and a happier life with new owners.

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h/t: PETA

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/PETA