Matteo and Andrea Bocelli Perform a Chilling Duet of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’

matteo an andrea bocelli the lord's prayer

Matteo and Andrea Bocelli team up for a beautiful rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and the talent between this father and son is simply incredible!

The Bible is essentially a blueprint and a guidebook for any and all situations in life. Whatever it may be, the Word of God has an example or a piece of wisdom that will prove helpful. God's book is full of directions and guidance.

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In the New Testament, Jesus Christ even instructs His followers about the proper way to pray and communicate with the Lord. That prayer, which many have likely memorized by heart and could recite in their sleep, has become known as "The Lord's Prayer."

In a clip posted on YouTube, Matteo and Andrea Bocelli have added musical notes and turned that series of Bible verses into a beautiful song.

Matteo And Andrea Bocelli Stun

In the video, Matteo sits at a brightly-colored piano, tickling the ivories while his father belts out the prayer in a sing-songy fashion. It's a remarkable and moving version of the prayer Jesus Christ first recited in the book of Matthew.

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Others who commented on the YouTube link mentioned how much they loved and adored the musical version of "The Lord's Prayer” by Matteo and Andrea Bocelli.

"You couldn't ask for a more moving, beautifully done version of our most important prayer. Your God given voice has given me so much peace and joy in my heart. Thank you, Bocelli family for this," one person wrote.

"Absolutely lovely and Andrea takes this song to another level! All the angels must have been listening to him and family! It was sooo good," a second person added.

"The Lord's Prayer has always been one of my favorites to read. Thank you for singing this. It was so beautiful!" a third individual mentioned.

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Matthew 6:9-10 "After this manner therefore pray ye. ‘Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. They will be done, as in heaven, so on earth."

WATCH: Matteo And Andrea Bocelli With The Lord’s Prayer

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