Melissa Gilbert Still Cherishes Her Special Bond With Michael Landon Decades After His Death

Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon

Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon shared a special bond that extended far beyond their time together filming Little House On The Prairie. And the relationship is something the star still treasures today!

It's hard to believe 31 years have passed since Michael Landon went home to be with Jesus. His absence has left an ache in Melissa's heart when she thinks about her ‘Pa.'

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"You would think that I would have been feeling this kind of sadness last year, on the 30th anniversary. After all, 30 seems like more of a landmark number than 31. Yet here I am, feeling the grief and loss deeply today," she said.

31 years ago, Michael Landon died from his battle with pancreatic cancer. The star of Little House On The Prairie left behind family, friends, and his "Little Halfpint' Melissa. She treasured their relationship and came to think of him as a father.

Melissa Gilbert And Michael Landon

In a post on Instagram, Melissa Gilbert shared a dream she had of Michael Landon. She wrote, "Dreamt last night that I was back on the set working with this phenomenal man. I'd say that I miss him but I was just with him in my dreams. Some folks say that when we dream of a loved one who has passed, it's their way of visiting us. I'd like to believe that.

Though she misses him terribly, she continues to carry the torch to raise funds for pancreatic cancer. She said, "His death, as cruel and brutal as it was, would not have happened had it not been for the vicious, pernicious, horrendous disease of pancreatic cancer." She added, "It doesn't care who you are, where you live, what you do for a living, how old you are, what religion, nationality, color or gender you are."

The father-daughter actor pair were inseparable during his last days as Melissa spent time with Michael and cared for him. She knows her grief isn't isolated and added she can't imagine what his children are going through.

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"If I am feeling this bad, I can only imagine how sad his children are on a day like today. They suffered an unimaginable loss. As have so many others all over the world," she said. We are surrounded by illness, sickness, and suffering. It is a comfort to know Michael is walking in a new body and waiting for his loved ones in the presence of Jesus. What an incredible reunion it will be!

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