Stranger Peeks Inside a Plastic Bag on a Street Corner and Is Shocked to Find a Newborn Baby

newborn baby found in plastic bag

A newborn baby found in a plastic bag endured bitter-cold temperatures after she was abandoned on a street corner in London. But thankfully, the child is safe and it’s nothing short of a miracle!

It’s hard to imagine the shock of finding a newborn abandoned in the street. But that’s exactly what happened to a person out walking their dog one night in east London.

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It’s unclear what prompted the dogwalker to check the random plastic bag sitting on a street corner. Perhaps the dog led them to it. Or perhaps the person noticed movement or heard cries. Whatever the case may be, thank God the individual stopped to inspect the bag.

Taking a peek, the person found a newborn baby wrapped in a towel inside the plastic bag. Shocked, the dogwalker placed an emergency call for help. Then, the Good Samaritan scooped up the tiny girl and sought to keep her warm since the temperatures were well below freezing.

Hope In The Midst Of Such A Grim Tale

Despite the horrific details of this story, the positive outcome shows God’s divine power at work. Rescue came just in time to keep any harm from coming to the child.

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“I am delighted to report that she wasn’t injured in any way and is safe and well in the care of hospital staff,” Chief Superintendent Simon Crick reported in an update.

It’s hard to imagine what could compel a mother to leave their newborn baby in a plastic bag. However, “extremely concerned” police feel compassion and are searching for her in the hopes of getting her help, too.

“She will have been through a traumatic ordeal and will be in need of immediate medical attention following the birth,” the Chief said. “Trained medics and specialist officers are ready to support her. And we urge her to get in touch by phone or walk in to the nearest hospital or police station.”

Now, our prayers go out to making sure the newborn baby found in a plastic bag is given the life she deserves inside a loving home. And we also pray the newborn's mother will one day have a change of heart, finding healing through our Lord and Savior.

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Praise be to God for keeping this precious baby safe!

“Whoever receives one such little child in my name, receives me, and whoever receives me, doesn’t receive me, but him who sent me.” Mark 9: 37

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