Newborn Baby Found In Plastic Bag In Georgia And Cameras Caught The Gut-Wrenching Moment

baby india abandoned in plastic bag

Baby India was just a newborn when deputies found her abandoned in the woods of Georgia inside a plastic bag. Police officer body cams captured the tense moments of the discovery, a clear case of divine intervention.

WARNING: The videos and content in this article may be too disturbing for some audiences

An infant’s cries led neighbors and police to the spot where someone left a poor child, now called Baby India, to die.

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A man and his daughters who live nearby heard the cries. The father assumed an anima was making the noises. But his kids insisted the cries belonged to a baby.

Police arrived and joined the man in investigating the sounds. And together, they made a discovery no one ever wishes to make.

Cameras attached to the police officer’s uniform rolled as they cut open a plastic bag. Inside they found Baby India and you can hear the officer saying over and over, “I’m so sorry sweetheart.”

Seeing this precious girl discarded like trash shook everyone up.

“My girls were in shock,” explained the Good Samaritan who had heard the cries. “It was an emotional deal and everybody was upset.”

WATCH: Baby India Found Abandoned In Plastic Bag

Police Hunt For Mother Of Abandoned Baby

Finding Baby India abandoned on the side of a country road was awful. But, it could have been even worse. Finding her before any further harm could come was a miracle.

“This child was not left to be found,” Sheriff Ron Freeman said. “It’s nothing short of divine intervention."

And that’s why police are sharing the footage. They are trying to find out who was behind leaving this baby for dead so they can press charges.

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“Somebody has the answer out there. Somewhere, there was a woman who was pregnant,” says Sheriff Ron Freeman. “This is a near or full-term child who is almost seven pounds. She was pregnant, she’s not today, and there’s no baby around. Somebody knows about that.”

baby india abandoned in plastic bag

Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

In the meantime, Child Services is caring for Baby India and the tiny warrior is doing just great. And we have no doubt God has big things planned for this sweet angel!

WATCH: Full Footage Of Police Rescuing Baby India

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Featured Image: Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office