Paramedic Used His Money To Help A Grieving Family Pay Off A Parking Ticket

violation ticket under the windshield wiper of a car

A paramedic-in-training, Marc Primrose, proved that he is no rookie at being a Good Samaritan. He went above and beyond his normal call of duty to take care of a family in their most delicate time of need.

Marc transported Rosemary Morgan’s mother in an ambulance who died shortly after he served the family. But during the ride, Marc found a parking ticket that belonged to the grieving family. Instead of returning it to Rosemary and adding yet another burden for her and her loved ones to take care of, he paid the $129 fine.

“It was my instinct not to just let this go because someone would have ended up with late fees and I didn’t want that to happen,” Marc said. “I’m just glad that it helped.”

Marc returned the paid parking ticket to Rosemary with some lovely and comforting words attached to it. The sweet note read:

Dear Rose and Family,

I found this in the back of the ambulance after we dropped you and your mother at home from the Broadmeadows Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t want you to incur a late fee from this parking fine, so I’m posting this back to you. I also decided to pay this fine for you given the difficult time you and your family are going through.

We love that Marc cared enough for this family that he did such a selfless thing. We pray that God will bless him twenty times over.

2 Corinthians 9:7

Credit: Huffington Post

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