Photographer Wants To Help Heartbroken Owners Saying Goodbye To Their Pets

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This photographer does pet photos for free, and it's not just because she loves animals. She captures the happiness and love between owners and their pets when things may seem as sad as they could get. Thanks to her, some lucky owners can cherish their final days with their companions.

There's a reason many people agree that pets are family - they love them and spoil them like human family members. Unfortunately, so many animals have much shorter lives than us. And it seems like we can never get enough days together.

Julia Earheart knows exactly how strong the love for a pet can be and gives back to other owners. Based in Michigan, Julia works as an independent photographer with plenty of paying customers. But it's her non-paying customers that get the most out of the sessions.

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When elderly and sick pets approach their final months with their humans, Julia offers to take pet photos for free. She photographs these owners and their pets so even when the pet passes, the person can cherish every last moment together.

And these pictures couldn't be more beautiful but heartbreaking at the same time.

"The shoots can be emotional and difficult, absolutely," Julia said. "But when you look at the pictures, you can see that happiness is possible even when there isn't much time left."

Why Photographer Makes The Pet Photos Free

Julia shared that she wants the owners to be able to spend the money on vet bills and toys rather than a photography session. And the owners couldn't be more grateful.

Julia photographed Shane with her 13-year-old lab in the pair's special adventure spot. When looking at the pictures the first time, Shane said, "My heart ached looking at them and knowing that this is the last holiday season that I will be spending with my girl. But I will forever be grateful for this beautiful gift given to me."

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Once word got out about Julia's free pet photo sessions, a bunch of requests started coming in. But some pets only had a few days left.

Julia shared, "I won't be able to get to all of them and that's the hardest thing for me." She never considered asking for payment when she started because she has her own fur babies.

Even though she can't help all of the owners, she is an angel for giving this priceless gift to so many heartbroken pet parents. Bless Julia and her kind heart for using her talents to spread love and comfort.

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