Community Rallies To Plan A Dream Wedding For A Woman With Little Time

plan a dream wedding rose and jerry dixon

A community in Omaha, Nebraska rallied together to plan a dream wedding for Rose Dixon, a mom-of-five with little time left. Rose was simply looking for a wedding dress but got so much more thanks to acts of kindness from strangers!

Rose and Jerry Dixon have been married for over 40 years. But their rapidly expanding family came first. And as a result, the couple never really had the wedding ceremony they’d always wanted.

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“She got pregnant with me when she was 16 and had a quickie justice of the peace wedding,” explained Rose and Jerry’s oldest daughter, Billie Behrens. “And then they had four daughters and a son, and their life has revolved around us and all their grandkids.”

Health Battles Delay Dream Wedding Further

It seemed like waiting until the kids were all grown would be the best time to plan a dream wedding. But then the couple encountered some major health battles.

Jerry Dixon suffered a brain aneurysm. And after recovering, doctors had some grim news for Rose. They diagnosed her with cancer.

“We found out seven, eight months ago it went to the esophagus, and it’s continuing to grow,” Billie said.

With their beloved mom now facing the reality she has little time left, the family became desperate to plan a dream wedding. They wanted to bless their parents with the big day they never got to have.

Rose and Jerry’s children started by posting a plea on social media for a wedding dress for their mom.

All they were looking for was a dress. But God fulfilled their wish in bigger ways than anyone could have ever dreamed!

Christie Blakenship is an event planner. And when she came across the Dixon family’s plea for a wedding dress, she wanted to do even more.

So, she turned to her network of vendors to see if they could help plan a dream wedding for this woman with little time left.

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“Is there anything we can do to make this day special for these people?” she asked her contacts in the wedding industry.

What happened next is truly beautiful.

Good Samaritan Turns Online Plea Into Community Event

In the short span of just 2 weeks, this community rallied together to plan a dream wedding for Rose and Jerry Dixon. And after 40 amazing years of marriage, Rose and Jerry Dixon renewed their vows in the wonderful ceremony they didn’t get to have the first time around.

“It’s just so special,” Rose Dixon gushed. “Everything. All my kids showing up. It’s just so special.”

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Everything, from the venue to the wedding dress, was donated to the family for free. And all because a complete stranger took it upon herself to ask, “How can we do more?”

“There’s [sic] just no words to describe,” said Jere Dickinson, another one of the Dixon’s daughters. “We call Christie our guardian angel.”

The event was spectacular. But the fact that so many strangers came together to plan a dream wedding — that made the day even sweeter.

“It meant the world to my mom,” daughter Billie Behrens said. “I know that. And I know it meant the world to my dad. And I know it means the world to my sisters and I.”

For a woman with little time left, it’s priceless to be making memories like this.

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“We know one day she’s not going to be here,” daughter Jere Dickinson said. “But today she is. Today she’s smiling, and today she’s happy, and today she’s having fun.”

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