Police Officer’s Act Of Kindness For Struggling Man Restores Stranger’s Faith In Humanity

officer with man in chick-fil-a

Someone captured a police officer's kind and generous act at a Chick-fil-A while standing behind him in line.

Law enforcement is a stressful and often dangerous field of work. Those men and women in law enforcement around the country experience the worst society has to offer daily. When something goes horribly wrong, they are usually some of the first people to respond to a scene.

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However, despite continually encountering these disturbing and appalling situations on a regular basis, they are still individuals who have a heart for people, according to a post on social media.

In a post on Facebook, one person recalls what they saw and heard while standing in line at a Chick-fil-A.

"I stopped at Chick-fil-A for dinner tonight and walked in the door the same time as this police officer and man did," the post reads. "They came walking in from another parking lot and the man (who appeared to be dirty.. I'm not sure if he was homeless and I don't think it's my place to say so) was carrying a bag with a Nike tennis shoe box in it."

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The post’s writer confesses that, while standing behind them, they did eavesdrop on their conversation. What this person heard touched their heart.

"But I was listening to their conversation and the police officer proceeded to tell the man, "Get whatever you'd like" and reached into his own pocket (as you can see here) to buy this man some food."

Facebook Post Reminds That There Are Still Some Good People in This World

The writer of the Facebook post ends their caption with a thought most people would do well to consider and remember more often.

"I think it's impossible to turn on the news today and to not have your mind filled with fear and negativity, but let this be a reminder that there are good people in this world.. ones who do good things and ones who love and serve their community well."

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"But go on doing good and giving to others, because God is well pleased with such offerings."Hebrews 13:16

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