They Kept Sending an 11-Year-Old ‘Troublemaker’ to His Office, So the Principal Adopted the Student

principal adopted student

In this positive news story, a principal adopted the student frequently sent to his office for being “a troublemaker.” Instead of seeing only the worst, this man acted out of love and kindness. And it made all the difference for 11-year-old Raven!

Life can often be a sad and confusing experience, filled with many ups and downs. That is especially true for children who do not receive the proper guidance and attention. They can become sad, lonely and angry and act out in wrong and destructive ways.

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Raven, an 11-year-old girl, was sent to the principal's office for starting a fight with one of her classmates. In a clip posted on YouTube, she admits that she threw yogurt at the student. She was suspended for her behavior.

"I was an angry, troubled child," Raven said.

But that's when something unexpected happened that changed her life forever.

Principal Adopted Student To Help Save Her

The school's principal noticed Raven sitting outside his office. He said she looked sad, defeated and without any hope. He struck up a conversation with her and asked her whether she felt her behavior was appropriate. He then learned that Raven lived in a group home.

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"So, at that point, I had a, felt like she just needed a hand, needed help, recognized that she needed something that she needed something to go in her favor, maybe for once," Jason, the school principal, said.

It turned out that Jason and his wife had experienced issues conceiving. And after discussing it as a couple, they decided Raven would become a member of the family. They set out on the path that would eventually result in this student being adopted by the principal.

However, it wasn't always easy, especially at first.

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"It was really weird at first because, like, in my mind, I thought of him as the bad guy," Raven admitted.

But Jason's and his wife's love and hospitality put Raven's fear and anxieties to rest. She said they made her feel like part of the family from the first moment she met them.

A Changed Life

After fostering Raven for 2 and a half years, she officially became a family member. Jason and his wife adopted Raven.

The once angry, defeated and suspended young lady had found her forever home and family.

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"All kids, regardless of age, need an opportunity to feel loved, to be successful and to make something of themselves," Jason said.

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it."

WATCH: Principal Adopted ‘Troublemaker’ Student And Turned Her Life Around

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