Random Photo Captions in Wedding Album from Mom Have Bride Cracking Up Over Her Mistake

recent bride cracks up at misplaced, generic captions under wedding photos

A well-intentioned but inadvertently hilarious gift had a recently married woman and her sister bursting with laughter.

Weddings are lovely occasions where two people stand before their friends, family and God and make a commitment to remain together until death do them part. They are a time when memories are created and cherished for a lifetime. Each photo captured tells a story of love, honor and commitment, the day when two people in love started their lives together.

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But a mother's gift to her daughter, an album of photos taken on her wedding day, tells a different and hilarious story. Mom, who gave her daughter the album, forgot to delete or alter the Shutterfly captions. The result is a hysterically funny gift with captions that don't match the photos at all, according to People.

In a video posted on TikTok, Niki Noblett Hunt, who got married in April, goes through the gift from her mother for all to see. Text at the start of the video begins with a warning for all who may decide to give a similar present.

"Moral of the story: The place holder captions on Shutterfly do not delete themselves."

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The first photos the young woman turns to are those of her husband with various important men in his life. The captions below, which do not match what is happening in the photos, mention the four seasons.

Then a photo of her husband with one of his best friends has the following caption: "In Good Hands, she managed to hold on to that bubble for over a minute before it burst."

Woman and Her Sister Crack Up At the Hilarious, Misplaced Caption Under Wedding Photos

After she turns several more pages in the album, Niki comes to a photo of her and her best friend. Once again, the caption does not make the slightest sense, given the picture, but it's still hysterical.

"A Day At The Beach: The girls had so much fun with their cousins. They built sand castles, swam and splashed water on each other (and on us!)," the caption reads.

Niki goes through several other photos with oddly matched captions.

According to the video's caption, this likely isn’t the first time Niki’s mother has done something inadvertently hilarious.

"Our mother is single handedly the most hilarious person we know, and its usually completely on accident," the video's caption reads.

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Specifically, because of those misplaced captions, that hilarious photo album is likely one gift she will cherish for the rest of her life.

"A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry."Proverbs 17:22

WATCH: Woman Reads Off Hilarious Captions Under Photos In Wedding Album


@niki_nibs Our mother is single handedly the most hilarious person we know, and its usually completely on accident. Favorite wedding gift EVER!!! @shutterfly #shutterfly ♬ original sound – Niki

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