Rejoice In The Fact That ‘My Redeemer Lives’ With This Powerful Song By Nicole C. Mullen

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Nicole C. Mullen is a well-known Christian musician and her music brings ministry to so many people. One of her songs, “My Redeemer Lives” is one of those inspirational songs that bring so much encouragement.

Nicole C. Mullen’s ‘My Redeemer Lives’ is Inspirational

Nicole has an amazing inspirational testimony about bout how God walked her through journies of love, loss, and redemption. And when she thought that her afflictions were heavy on her. she thought about the story of Job. Job did not doubt God when he was going through his afflictions. He did not fear but he stated that he knew that his Redeemer lives. And that is what inspired Nicole to write this song.

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It is such a powerful song because it takes the focus off of our problems and puts the focus on Jesus being the solution. Jesus conquered the power of fear and death. There is no reason for us to live a defeated life when we are in Christ Jesus.

We can actually live our lives with confidence, knowing that we have a redeemer. Because of this song, I grew in my faith in Jesus and I learned how to trust Him to help me face the issues I may encounter. And I am sure this is going to be encouraging to you too!

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Nicole says that music is one of her forms of communication. In this song, she is communicating how God can redeem us from everything that seems to be overtaking us. And it is the absolute truth! Just listen to this beautiful song and let it encourage you!

WATCH: Nicole Mullen Sings My Redeemer Lives

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