Rico The Porcupine Eating Corn Is Just The Perfect Dose Of Awww

rico the porcupine eating corn

Seeing Rico the porcupine eating corn is just the perfect dose of ‘awww!' Trust me when I say you need to turn up the sound. His nibbling habits are absolutely adorable.

When I think of porcupines, I absolutely do not think of cuddles. Nor do I think I need a daily dose of their cuteness, that is, until I met Rico the porcupine!

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He is a Brazilian prehensile-tailed porcupine. He looks like he belongs on the set of Narnia, and he would fit right in with the beavers or marsh-wiggles. Rico is the perfect mix of a squirrel, mouse, and pig. Just when I thought one of the strangest yet cutest of God's creations was the platypus, I stumbled upon little Rico!

Thank goodness the Cincinnati Zoo thought Rico needed his own social media page and shared his daily activities. Otherwise, I never would've seen such a cute creature take eating corn so seriously.

In his tiny little human-like hands, Rico holds his piece of corn as if it was the most delectable thing on the planet! He gingerly takes a nibble and chews on it like he's waiting for the cows to come home. All the while he stares straight ahead, enjoying the sweet flavor of his lunch. The cutest part of watching him eat his precious prize of sweet corn is the way his piggy-like nose moves.

WATCH: Rico The Porcupine Eating Corn Is Just The Perfect Dose Of Awww

Recently the Cincinnati Zoo posted a cute photo of Rico the porcupine checking in on everyone in the New Year. The photo garnered over 11,000 likes and over 600 comments, where everyone commented just how cute he was.

One viewer commented, "My 2023 needs more Rico munching vids but other than that so far so good."

Apparently, the zoo posts daily videos of little Rico munching on his snacks because the soundbites are absolutely adorable. In fact, sometimes they use a tiny microphone to catch the snacks of Rico enjoying his delectable snacks.

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If he isn't the cutest little guy on this planet–then I don't know what cute is. May we all take a moment and pray the zoo posts another video of Rico munching on snacks and thank the Lord for the creatures in his vast creation. I hope this little guy brightens your day and makes you melt as I did.

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube/The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden