Sneaky Photobombing Dogs Have Perfect Timing

Sometimes you set the self-timer to take pictures of yourself, but I think these folks set the dog-timer! These photobombing dogs are are quite impressive.

GV-photobomb-1 12.20.54 PM

I spy something in the room that’s brown and fuzzy!

GV-photobomb-2 12.20.54 PM

This happy pup ran into the picture just in the knick-of-time! Now, this kid looks like he’s going on the snow dog ride of his life!

GV-photobomb-3 12.20.54 PM

Who is more shocked to see this young man in uniform, dad or the doggy? We’ll go with doggy!

GV-photobomb-4 12.20.54 PM

Someone had plans to post a picture of their food on the Internet, someone else had plans to eat it!

GV-photobomb-5 12.20.54 PM

Maybe this pooch thought that the wedding vows were saying ‘To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer or for pups’

GV-photobomb-6 12.20.54 PM

John 3:16-17