SC Innkeeper Invited Hurricane Evacuees to Stay Free

Jarat Hucks - SC Innkeeper Who Helped Strangers After Hurricane

After a deadly hurricane flooded his Myrtle Beach, South Carolina community, one man, Jaret Hucks, knew he had to do all he could to help his displaced neighbors. So he invited anyone in the community who was in need to come ‘stay at my house.'

This outpouring of love from this Good Samaritan for complete strangers is a complete Godsend for many who didn't have the means to turn anywhere else.

“I don’t know what we would have done,” I don’t know where we would be right now.” one of his grateful ‘houseguests' said.

You see, Jaret's ‘house' is a 70 room inn. And he's already given away more than 1,000 free nights to evacuees in need.

“I said, ‘Come stay with me. Come stay at my house until you can go back to yours,'” said Jaret.

Jaret lifted his ‘no pet policy' to allow the now homeless strangers to bring all their loved ones with them, including dogs, a tortoise and even Mr. Squeakers, a rescued baby squirrel.

“Love thy neighbor, right? That’s what you’re supposed to do,” Jaret said. “My mama taught me that a long time ago.”

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Jaret's generosity has definitely inspired others, too. He has personally given away about $50,000 worth of services himself. And when others heard what he was doing, they stepped up to help him!

Donations starting pouring in so that all of Jaret's houseguests would have their needs met. Diapers, haircuts, meals. . . all taken care of, courtesy of a team of kind strangers!

Some of the guests have tried pitching in themselves by helping Jaret around the inn with chores and housekeeping. And while he's grateful, Jaret explains that he's not doing it for gratitude. He just was raised right, and wanted to make his mama proud.

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credit: Facebook/CBS Evening News