Scott Baio Caught Flack For Leaving California But He’s Not Letting It Bother Him One Bit

actor scott baio leaves california

Actor Scott Baio recently left California for Florida and caught some hate when he announced his departure.

It's been said that the only consistent part of life is change. Moving from one house or state to the next is one form of change. Of course, most people don't enjoy change, with some even fighting it, but, at times, it's necessary. But in one former TV star's mind, it was time for a massive change in his life.

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In early May, the Joanie Love Chachi star posted on Twitter that he and his family were making their way out of California.

"After 45 years, I'm making my way to finally, "exit stage right" from California," Scott wrote on the social media site.

In response to his announcement, several on Twitter responded with hate, directing insults and belittlement at him.

"With your lack of work over the last 20+ years – are you one of the homeless?" one person commented.

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"You exited from relevancy about 30 years ago, who cares?" another Twitter user wrote.

"Don't worry Chachi, since you've been unemployed for so long, you can be homeless in another state," a third person posted.

Scott Baio Says Living In Florida Is Like America In The 1970s

In an interview following his post on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo, Scott said that he and his family had moved down to Florida. He also described that being in Florida is like living in the 1970s.

"I found that in all the best possible ways that Florida is pretty much what, what America was like 50 years ago," he said. "It's just people hanging out, everything's wide open. It's free. The people that I meet are all just nice."

Scott mentioned several reasons for his and his family's escape from California, including the homelessness problem and crime.

"The big thing, Maria, was for me, above all else, safety is the issue," he said. "If, if you don't feel safe, it's not worth living in the town that you're in because. And we didn't feel safe."

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Scott's wife, Renee, also posted a message on Twitter about her family's departure from California.

"Goodbye California! We will visit our dear friends and family soon," she wrote.

"Have I not given you orders? Take heart and be strong; have no fear and do not be troubled; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."Joshua 1:9

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