Mom Posts Plea For Son’s Birthday And Loads Of Truckers Come Together to Save The Day

child surprised by truck convoy for birthday

One mother in New Zealand took to social media for help throwing her young son a birthday party, and the response was unbelievable.

All mothers and fathers want nothing more than for their children to be happy and healthy. Whenever their child is sick or experiencing any hurt or difficulty, most moms and dads would do anything to alleviate that pain. In addition to being their children's protectors, parents also want to give their children the best of everything possible.

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Katherine Johnson's son, Ollie, is obsessed with and fascinated by trucks. The 8-year-old can quickly spit out the name and manufacturer of nearly every big rig, according to Good News Network. The young man is also very familiar with most trucking companies.

However, Ollie, due to his health, is not able to attend school with much regularity. So, the youngster does not have any friends.

So, when Ollie's 8th birthday approached, Katherine came up with an idea. She wanted to make the young man's big day one he would never forget. She then turned to Facebook, according to The Daily Mail.

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The outlet reports that Katherine posted a message looking for someone willing to give her son a ride in their truck.

"Looking for a truck driver to help a little boy. He has no friends, and no one to invite to his party," Katherine wrote on Facebook. "He is a wonderful boy and we are wondering if there’s any truck drivers who can take him around the block."

Katherine also added that she would pay this person $50.

The Response To the Facebook Post Was Massive, 65 Trucks Showed Up For Ollie

But then things quickly took an unexpected turn, growing in ways that Katherine never imagined.

Barry Hart, the owner of Hart Haulage Ltd, saw Katherine's post and responded that his entire fleet of trucks – 35 – would be coming by to give young Ollie a spin, according to 1News, a state-owned news outlet in New Zealand. Barry, the outlet reports, also encouraged others to get involved in what soon became known as "Ollie's Convoy."

In all, 65 big rigs made the trip for Ollie's big day. It grew to be so big that a police escort had to help marshal the trucks along, according to The Daily Mail.

Katherine was moved by the massive response and the kindness shown to her son.

"I’m blown away by the community and the generosity of New Zealand," she said.

Katherine wasn't the only person who appreciated the response. The birthday boy, Ollie, was also grateful for everyone's efforts to make his big day memorable.

“I want to say a huge thank you to all of New Zealand," Ollie said. "I appreciate it very much.”

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"And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you."Ephesians 4:32

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h/t: The Daily Mail, 1News, Good News Network & Zealand Trucking Media

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