Mom Gets Brutally Honest In Birthday Party Invite And The Internet Goes Crazy For It

hilarious birthday invitation

One mother's hilarious and honest children's birthday party invitation has gone viral and has the internet in stitches.

Young children, unlike their parents, eagerly look forward to their birthdays. Those little people usually want to recognize that annual date with a party, celebrating their entrance into the world.

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However, as any parent knows, children's birthday bashes aren't particularly all that thrilling. Not only that, but they usually come with outsized expectations and stress. The parents of the birthday child want everyone to enjoy themselves but also secretly hope to impress the parents of the other children.

But why? Why jump through all those hoops and add all that stress for an occasion the child isn't likely to remember anyway? Well, one woman with her hilarious invite to her child's 5th birthday party made it clear she was over all of it, according to People.

Natalie LeClaire, a woman in Ontario, Canada, whose son received the blunt and laugh-out-loud invitation, posted a video on TikTok reading the hilarious document.

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The invitation informs the invitee that the get-together "is brought to you by Pinterest fails and the Dollar Store so please set your expectations accordingly."

Also, as anyone knows, children's parties must have a theme. The invitation addresses that as well.

"As requested the theme will be ‘unicorns but with rainbows and maybe bats but there should be princesses and also Minnie and we need dancing lights' so....dress accordingly."

But that's not all. Those attendees who may get bored or "decide our original plan sucks" bring along a bathing suit.

The Hilarious Invite Went Viral, With Many Commenting About the Honest and Unique Document

The invite also mentions parents. Those who want to drop their child off and hit the road can do so. However, for the parents who do decide to stick around at the party, "adult juice will be provided."

Natalie's video has been watched more than 5 million times! Many who commented on her video also appreciated the hilarious invitations.

"This is incredible. It's what we're all thinking when hosting kids parties," one person wrote.

"Lol omg those parents are the best," a second person added.

"All the parents are going to stay because they want those parents as friends," another person commented.

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"I love this soo much!!!!! Definitely my people!!," another comment read.

"I wanna know a Parent like this. They are phenomenal," someone else mentioned.

Carys Roberts, the mother responsible for the invitation, told Today she created the document quickly and hoped others would "find it funny."

She also added that she did not want any to get stressed out about finding the perfect gift or spending a lot of money. "We're really low-key," she said.

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"A cheerful heart makes good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."Proverbs 17:22

WATCH: Woman Reads Hilarious Birthday Party Invite


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