Anne Wilson Gets Raw About Pain of Losing Her Brother in Touching Song ‘Seventh of June’

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The song “Seventh of June” by Grammy-nominated Christian music artist Anne Wilson delves into the pain of losing her brother, Jacob. Though the song ends with a hopeful message, the bulk of it is dedicated to the raw emotions and deep grief Anne and her family experienced as a result of the horrible tragedy.

Music is an excellent way to express thoughts, feelings and emotions that can often be hard to articulate. Musicians have been singing about issues and topics that impact their lives and those of their listeners for years. Whether it's a breakup, the loss of a dear friend or family member or some other tragedy, music can be very therapeutic.

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In the official music video for "Seventh of June," Anne Wilson opens up and sings about a loss that greatly impacted her life, that of her brother Jacob.

Heart-Wrenching Song By Anne Wilson

The video begins with an old home movie playing on a television in what appears to be an abandoned house. Seconds later, Anne frantically wakes up. She has been experiencing a nightmare.

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As the music begins playing, Anne drives along a country road as the sun rises over the horizon. As Anne belts out the heart-wrenching lyrics, viewers watch as she arrives at the Wilson Farm. She then walks up a hill and eventually comes to her brother's gravestone.

The lyrics to the moving song make it perfectly clear that Anne, as anyone would be by the loss of a sibling, was deeply impacted by her brother's passing. Like anyone dealing with sadness and grief, Anne has questions, which sadly, likely won't be answered this side of heaven.

"Why'd you have to go

Why'd I have to stay

When's it gonna get easier

To make it through the day"

WATCH: ‘Seventh Of June’ Official Music Video

Following the release of her new song, Anne posted a video on TikTok. In it, she talked about the meaning behind the song.

"I wanted to release a song that spoke to what I have walked through the last six years now of life without my brother," Anne said.

She also mentioned what she hopes her touching tune accomplishes.

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"I wrote it for my brother and also for my family, but also wanted to invite you guys into it as well," she said. "It's a song that I hope brings you a lot of joy and comfort, as I've heard it already has for some of you all. And I pray that it continues to."

WATCH: Anne Wilson Shares The Story Behind Her Song ‘Seventh Of June’

@annewilsonmusic Thank you guys for your love and support on "Seventh Of June." Reading stories that you guys are now sharing about your own seventh of June is really special and healing. I hope this song continues to touch lives and help those dealing with grief. 🤍 #SeventhOfJune #NewMusic #ChristianMusic #ChristianTikTok ♬ Seventh Of June – Anne Wilson

Psalm 23:4 "Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me."

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