Heartbroken Mother Cautions Others After 15-Year-Old Stepson Dies

solomon wynn vaping warning

After suffering the monumental loss of her stepson, Solomon Wynn, one woman is using the painful tragedy to inform others about the dangers associated with vaping.

Health, both physical and mental well-being, is a priceless commodity. There is no price that most people wouldn't pay in order to remain healthy. However, others put their well-being in jeopardy in several different ways. Whether overeating, not getting enough exercise or sleep, all have an enormous detrimental effect on health.

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Smoking is another activity that can significantly damage an individual’s long and short-term health. In a video posted on YouTube, one woman, Charlene Zorn, recounts the heartbreaking story of Solomon Wynn, her stepson.

Solomon, who was only 15 years old, passed away due to vaping, according to Charlene. Before his passing, she said Solomon mysteriously developed a cough. The young man underwent several tests and X-rays, trying to find a reason for the ailment.

15-Year-Old Dies From Vaping

After one look at his X-rays, Charlene knew he had been vaping. Soon after, the young man collapsed and was in the hospital. Charlene said she and her family were then in a situation no parent ever wants to find themselves.

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"We had to make the choice Saturday night to take him off the ventilator," she said.

Even at the funeral for Solomon Wynn, Charlene, through her grief, asked every member of her stepson's football team not to vape, to avoid it at all costs.

A doctor in the clip pointed out how dangerous vaping is, especially to teenagers and young children.

“It is particularly dangerous for adolescents because their brains are still developing," said Dr. Sherin Panacherry. "So, when you're altering what should be the normal process by adding in these like chemicals that go from your lungs to your brain, it makes for an addictive process and a harmful process, at that."

Despite her loss, Charlene is more determined than ever to keep others from vaping and stop vaping altogether.

"Somebody has to stop the vaping industry," she said. "Somebody has to put an end to this. And if that means I have to go out and be a dog-and-pony show and talk to every person, every single place I could go, bring it on, baby."

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Proverbs 16:24 "Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones."

WATCH: Stepmom Of Solomon Wynn Warns Against Vaping

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