Woman Has Her Antique Appraised And The Expert Was Moved To Tears

godupdates tang dynasty marble lion

A lady brought in her antique to get appraised at the Antiques Roadshow and the expert who analyzed her piece was moved to tears by her statue. It was a rare, authentic Tang Dynasty Marble Lion and he could not believe his eyes!

The lady's grandparents traveled to China a lot and they purchased the Tang Dynasty Marble Lion. The precious statue was passed down to her mother, and then she later inherited it. The family had no idea of its value until she got it appraised.

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The appraiser was so taken back by the authenticity of the marble Lion. It held so much history and he shared all he knew about it with the lady. He began to tear up at how magnificent the handy work was. The appraiser always sees marble lions, but he has never seen anyone bring in a piece like the one this lady brought in.

The antique is so rare and valuable. It is made out of the finest marble and every detail was so intricately done. It was created during the golden period of Chinese art. You cannot find this work of art anywhere else. It was only made during a specific time in history and have not been created in the same way since.

That is one aspect that made this artwork so valuable. You’ve got to hear what it is worth. What a magnificent work of art!

WATCH: Lady Gets Tang Dynasty Marble Lion Appraised

Credit: Youtube/Antiques Roadshow PBS

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