Crews Uncover Couple Married 58 Years Side-By-Side In Tennessee Tornado Damage

Tennessee tornado damage

In the wake of the Tennessee Tornado damage, crews have found all kinds of devastation. Some of the saddest are the lives lost, including the bodies of a couple married for 58 years. But amidst the wreckage, there are signs of hope, too.

Recovery efforts began immediately after a powerful and fast-moving storm produced tornadoes across Middle Tennessee in the early hours on March 3, 2020.

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The Tennessee tornado damage was extensive. And tragically, it’s behind the loss of more than 24 lives.

James and Donna Eaton, a couple married for 58 years, were among the heartbreaking death toll. Both in their 80s, James would have celebrated his 85th birthday the following day.

The Tennessee tornado damaged the Eaton’s home, leveling it completely. Rescue crews discovered the pair beneath the wreckage of their house, side by side on a mattress thrown from their bed.

While their deaths are so tragic, it is somewhat comforting to know the two died together.

“About as close as you can get,” the Mt. Juliet Police Department Captain Tyler Chandler said.

James and Donna Eaton spent 40 years serving in their church, First Baptist Church Mt. Juliet. And they spent their lives loving God and each other.

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“The best earthly example of what a marriage should look like,” the couple’s 24-year-old grandson, Jake Hardy-Moore, said. “They showed Christ’s love and His sacrifice. They both loved our families through challenging times of life.”

Jake went on to say just how deeply he and the family would miss his grandparents.

“They were the ones we looked to when times were difficult, and they kept us pointed toward God and to be dependent on God.”

Bible Brings Hope In The Midst Tennessee Tornado Damage

The lives and homes destroyed by the tornado are truly heartbreaking. It’s a reminder of how life can change in an instant.

But even in all the devastation of the Tennessee tornado damage, God’s promises still stand. Officer Denton with the Sparta Police Department stumbled upon proof of this while helping clean-up crews in Putnam County.

While sifting through rubble and debris, he came across the Holy Bible. And miraculously, it was completely intact.

“There’s not a page gone in this Bible. It’s a family Bible,” he said.

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The crew went on to find several more Bibles in good condition, giving them to a local news station in the hopes of reuniting the books with their rightful owners.

WATCH: Fully Intact Bible Discovered Following Deadly Tornado

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