Preschoolers Sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ As Tornado Rips Roof Off Their Church

children sang 'jesus loves me' kentucky tornado

As a tornado swept through Kentucky, brave church staff hunkered down with their preschool students. As the fierce winds ripped the roof right off Mt. Zion church, 40 children sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’. And miraculously, no one was harmed!

At just 9:10 am, Mt. Zion Baptist daycare received the alert that a tornado was about to hit. The small staff rushed to gather up all of the preschool students and evacuate them into the designated safe room.

And just 10 minutes later, the fierce tornado hit.

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Scared Children Sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’ During Tornado

The entire daycare huddled together in the safe room during the terrifying event. The power cut off, casting everyone into eerie darkness. As the storm raged outside, they could feel the building compressing, as if it would burst.

There was only one thing to do — rely on the Lord.

Cowering together, the teachers and 40 children sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and then ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’. Their faithful voices fought against the horrible sound of winds howling, wood cracking, and glass breaking.

And then, it was all over.

The winds calmed and the storm passed. And as the students and staff came out of the safe room to survey the damage, they knew they’d experienced a miracle!

The tornado had ripped off the roof of the church and damaged much of the building. Yet, the only room at Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Day Care left untouched was the room where God’s children evacuated.

"There was probably 50 of us total that didn't even have a scratch,” said the daycare director Michelle Rushing. “So, I mean, nobody can give any credit to that except God."

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Everyone in the town recognized God was at work. In fact, though the tornado did lots of physical damage to the town, only one minor injury resulted from the storm!

“The almighty hand of God has provided safety to our community,” Sheriff Matt Carter said. “The destruction path is approximately five miles long. There are approximately three homes that are devastated but no injuries, and also there is approximately a half-dozen other homes that have sustained minor to moderate damage. This could have been an extremely high fatality rate, and we’re very fortunate and blessed to only report that one minor injury.”

There’s no question God kept each one of those children safe. What a miracle!

h/t & Featured Image Credit: FOX News

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