Woman Brings Out ‘The Mom Voice’ to Scare Off Moose and Surprisingly, It Totally Worked

the mom voice scares off moose

When a massive moose began chasing her tiny dog, Cathy Diehl-Robbins from Alaska discovered “the mom voice” doesn’t just work on kids (or husbands). Apparently, it works on animals, too!

Mothers seemingly have an endless arsenal of weapons and abilities when it comes to surveilling and correcting their children. Most know that mothers have eyes in the back of their heads. They basically develop a sixth sense, somehow able to detect their children's movements without even looking in their direction.

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But, without a doubt, the most paralyzing and impactful ability in a mother’s arsenal is the "mom voice."

Everyone is familiar with “the mom voice." It's a stern and angry tone that signals that trouble is brewing. At this time, it's best to carefully listen to the words that come out of Mom's mouth.

As it turns out, "mom voice" is even powerful enough to cause a 1,000-pound moose to stop in its tracks, according to one video posted on YouTube!

The Universal Power Of “The Mom Voice”

Cathy Diehl-Robbins and her family live in Alaska. She states they live in the state for the wildlife and have had many members of the wildlife community show up in their backyard.

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One day, Cathy saw a moose terrorizing the family’s smallest member — her defenseless 6-pound Yorkshire terrier. Cathy employed her "mom voice” while defending the dog. And amazingly, it stopped the wild animal dead in its tracks!

She yelled, "Hey, hey, hey, hey! No!" at the animal, causing the moose to freeze and stop chasing the miniature canine.

Cathy's husband, in an interview, laughingly said that he is also familiar with that tone, which caused a large wild animal to freeze in fear.

"It's the ‘mom voice' and it's the ‘husband voice,'" he said.

Cathy added that she has the final say and authority over everyone – human or animal – who steps in her yard.

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"As I always say, ‘It's my yard, my rules,'" Cathy said. "You come into my yard, it's my rules. Behave yourself."

Proverbs 12:10 "An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."

WATCH: Woman Uses “The Mom Voice” To Scare Off Moose

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