Deaf Woman Hears Her Husband’s Voice For The First Time

Can you hear me now?

Could you imagine not being able to hear for years and then thanks to God and due to technology, it all changes? Being able to hear voices again, including your own, would be really incredible. Or even your husband’s voice? That would be a miracle for many. Well, this young lady is living the miracle. Hear her story below.

First and foremost, we thank God for giving this woman a chance to hear again using this technology. And while she’s been married for years, she’s about to hear her husband’s voice for the first time and it must sound like music to her ears. And her heart…based on her reaction expressing pure joy!

As the instructor is speaking, her reaction is precious as she tries to explain how loud and squeaky her voice sounds to her. But her reaction to hearing her husband’s voice is PRICELESS!! At that moment, my heart melted.

We so often take life and our many abilities for granted. It’s nice to take a moment and give God the glory for the blessings we’ve been given. Our hearing is one of the most amazing gifts that not everyone is blessed with. Technology and its advancements gave this woman a second chance and we praise God for her renewed enthusiasm!

Watch this woman hear her husband’s voice for the first time below:

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube