5 Steps That Will Help You Save Your Marriage During An Argument

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When we are in an argument with someone we love, we are not always mindful of the things that we say. We often forget about the issue at hand. We get so caught up in the act of arguing, that we don't even remember the point of the argument or how it even began. With every word, we take one step towards what seems to feel like a never-ending downward spiral of tears and yelling. A resolution is not reached and both parties often leave with damaged emotion. It is no fun, but what if there is a way to end this vicious cycle of conflict in your marriage?

YouTube phenomenon, Richard Williams, most recognized as Prince Ea might just have the answer! In a YouTube video, he shared five steps that would help make your marriage better in just thirty seconds.

Here is the five-step, thirty-second hack that will help you and your spouse when you are in the heat of the moment.

Step 1: Pause

Just pause and focus on the current moment. Breath. Don't think about the past or how things were from a previous argument. Just force yourself to pay attention to only the present moment between the two of you. Take three deep breaths and calm down.

Step 2: Approach Your Loved One and Interlock Your Fingers with Theirs

Hold hands with your spouse. Holding hands decreases the hormones in the body that fuel anger. It is very difficult to be mad when you are holding hands.

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Step 3: Embrace Your Loved One for a Heart to Heart Hug

Give each other a heart to heart hug. Aim to connect with your spouse as the fire of your agitation dies down. Think about how important you are to each other and how much your life has changed because they are in it.

Step 4: As You Embrace Your Love One, Close Your Eyes and Breathe Deeply

Breathe deeply while you hug your loved one. Fully embrace them and pay attention to the way that they are breathing. Match their breathing pattern and be thankful that the both of you are alive. The power of the unity you have with them will overcome any trivial fight.

Step 5: Think About Where You and Your Loved One Would Be 300 Years from Now

Imagine 300 years from now and let the reality hit you. One day neither of you will be here. You will realize that life is too short and precious than to choose anger over love.

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Next time you find yourself in a tense disagreement with your spouse, apply these five-steps and notice how it changes things.

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