Jail Inmates Broke Out Of Their Cell To Help Save The Jail Guard’s Life

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A jail guard named Gary was sitting in a chair when the most unexpected thing happened. He was having a heart attack when he was on the job but then inmates helped save him.

Stories like this always remind me that even when people make mistakes, they can still have caring hearts. Just like these jail inmates did when they helped save the person who they could have escaped from. At first, the inmates thought that Gary was joking around, but as he fell into unconsciousness, they saw that he was in trouble.

And instead of breaking out their cell to try and escape, they broke out of their cell to help him. Before breaking out, they tried the shout, yell, and bang on their cells. But no one heard them. They were very determined to do what they can to help Gary, so they managed to break out their jail cell.

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They were handcuffed and restrained, so all they could do was to continue to make enough noise to get someone's attention. And thankfully, deputies heard all of the noise that they were making and ran to see what was going on. They were able to call in first responders just in time and get him to the hospital to get medical attention.

The selfless act of these inmates still brings Gary to tears. Because they really could have done something ugly to benefit themselves, but they did not. Unfortunately, he was not able to personally thank them, but he has so much gratitude for what they did to help him. They saved his life.

WATCH: Jail Inmates Helped Save Jail Guard’s Life

Credit: Youtube/USA Today

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