Legendary Actress Helps Save A Cancer Survivor’s Life

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A lady almost lost her life to cancer and really needed expensive treatments. Thanks to Kate Winslet, she got all the help she needed and is alive today!

Gemma was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of ovarian cancer while she was pregnant with her first baby, Penelope. She went through intense chemotherapy for six months, and the cancer left for a while.

She has just started her new job when she started to have awful headaches. Her job dealt with computers, so she assumed that the headaches were coming from that. But after two weeks she found out that cancer had come back but in the form of brain cancer.

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She had to have brain surgery and needed treatments. Her treatments were very expensive, so her mother started a fundraiser to try and help offset some of the costs. Doctors told her to prepare a will because there was no guarantee that she would be able to get the help that she needed.

But the legendary actress, Kate Winslet found her fundraiser page online. She knew immediately that she wanted to help Gemma and not let her die. And she did.

She has raised enough of the funds for Gemma to be able to get the treatment that saved her life. Kate herself lost her mother last year to ovarian cancer, so her heart was tied to wanting to help Gemma. She just knew that she had to help her and that her mother would be proud of her for doing so.

WATCH: Kate Winslet Helps Save A Life

Credit: Youtube/This Morning

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