Inspiring ‘Lobster Lady’ Has Been Lobster Fishing For 95 Years And At 103, Has No Plans To Stop

"lobster lady" turns 103

An elderly woman, affectionately known as the "Lobster Lady," plans to continue doing what she has for more than 90 years: lobster fishing.

Aging is a process that everyone undergoes on a yearly, daily and even hourly basis. Despite what all the skincare products and various medical procedures may promise, no one can keep from getting older. Time has an undefeated record, and it's not likely to lose any time in the future.

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The best anyone can hope for, as they get along in years, is to continue doing what brings them happiness and fulfillment. That's precisely what Maine resident Virginia Oliver has been able to do even into her advanced years.

Virginia, in early June, celebrated her 103rd birthday, according to News Center Maine. Virginia enjoys fishing for lobsters. Lobstering is an activity she has been doing for more than nine decades, 95 years, and plans to continue doing it.

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She recently renewed her lobster fishing license, the outlet reports.

Her decades of experience and love of fishing for the sea creature have earned her the nickname the "Lobster Lady."

The “Lobster Lady” Enjoys Lobstering and Being Out On The Water

Virginia began scouring Maine's bodies of water for lobsters with her father and brother at 8 years old. She passed that love to her family. Maine News Center reports that all four of her children fish for lobster. Her late husband did as well.

In 2021, at just 101 years old, Virginia mentioned that lobstering is something she has been doing all her life.

"I've done it all my life, so I might as well keep doing it," Virginia said.

That makes perfect sense, right? You do what you know. But a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in the lobster game are not the only things still keeping Virginia, the "Lobster Lady," going.

"I like doing it, I like being along the water," she said. "And so I'm going to keep on doing it just as long as I can," she said.

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What a fantastic example of a woman who refuses to let her age keep her doing what she enjoys most in life.

"For which cause we do not give way to weariness; but though our outer man is getting feebler, our inner man is made new day by day."2 Corinthians 4:16

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h/t: News Center Maine & Today Show

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