Weather Forecaster Hilariously Reacts in Viral News Blooper

Weather Forecaster Hilariously Reacts in Viral News Blooper

Meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo never expected her workday to go like this one! The weather forecaster was happily presenting her segment when the camera fell and focused on the ground! Her reaction was one of the funniest news blooper we've seen on a morning television broadcast!

As Denver meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo began giving her morning weather report, all seemed "business as usual". She adeptly points out the snowfall totals in the local areas before the unthinkable happen during her live broadcast segment. As the screen behind her changes to a beautiful snow scene – rolling white hills and snow flocked evergreens – the camera focus unexpectedly takes a nosedive and settles to a live shot of the studio floor.

"Look at this beauuutiful shot this afternoon... WOW!" she exclaims.

Upon realizing the camera has fallen to feature her feet and cue box, Hidalgo thinks fast on her feet and shows off her hidden dancing skills! With a "kick-ball-change" here and there and a corny "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" for accompaniment, she keeps the viewer's attention while trying to figure out what to do. That's when the very talented Lisa chooses to do something completely unexpected. She bends down onto her hands and feet crawling into the camera frame to finish her weather report! Giving the last few weather notes while on her knees, you can hear the crew in the background having a good laugh as Lisa also chuckles her way through this hysterical experience!

"Alright you have a good one!" she says and then hilariously crawls out of the frame! We bet she won't forget that office experience any time soon!

WATCH: News Blooper – Weather Forecaster Funny Reaction


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