Teens Turn up at Grandma’s Doorstep Week After Week Following the Tragic Loss of Her Grandson

weekly breakfast with grandma

High school sophomore Sam Crowe used to enjoy a weekly breakfast on Wednesdays with his Grandma, Peggy Winckowski. But then he died in a hit-and-run accident.

However, a group of Sam’s peers performed an amazing act of kindness following the tragedy.

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The teens stepped up and kept the Wednseday tradition with “Grandma Peggy” going strong. Faith in the next generation is officially restored!

Weekly Breakfast At Grandma Peggy’s

Sam Crowe of Bishop DuBourg High School in St. Louis used to meet up at a local diner with a group of teens every Wednesday for a weekly breakfast. However, one day a realization struck Sam.

“My Grandma can cook better than this,” he informed the group.

Sam’s grandma, Peggy Winckowski cook for him and his friends. After that, the group started meeting at “Grandma Peggy’s” for their weekly breakfast.

This weekly tradition happily carried on until one day, tragedy struck. Sam Cooke died in a hit-and-run accident. And after that, everything changed.

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The loss of her grandson hit hard. But Peggy Winckowski didn’t have to suffer alone. The very next Wednesday, the group of teens showed up to comfort Grandma Peggy.

"They came here every day for the whole week," she said. "They just wanted to make sure that I was OK."

The weekly breakfast continued and the size of the group continued growing.

“Sam would be so proud. Look at what he started,” Peggy said. “It melts my heart.”

Being The Hands And Feet Of Christ

The weekly gatherings aren’t really about breakfast. They’re about a community of believers bearing one another’s burdens. And the kids get just as much out of it as Grandma Peggy.

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“It’s really not about the food,” one student said. “It’s just about being together.”

“She cares for us a lot. She really cares for us,” said another.

“We’re keeping his (Sam’s) memory alive,” points out another classmate.

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Peggy Winckowski will always feel the loss of her grandson. But with her dining room packed with teens and filled with laughter, his memory and legacy lives on. What a shining example of how the Body of Christ comes together to shine light into the darkness!

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