She Thought Life Was Over After Burying Her Husband & Child, Then She Meets Widower

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A widow remarried and found a joy she never thought possible again after losing both her husband and daughter within days of each other. And this inspiring short story is a reminder that God can bring beauty from ashes!

Rebuilding life after a loss seems unlikely. But one widow remarried and did just thought even after experiencing the most heartwrenching tragedy.

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Alice Palmer's life had abruptly and tragically ended when her daughter and husband passed away just six days apart. Her daughter Beth was 20, and Alice had been her full-time caregiver due to several medical complications at birth.

As if the loss of a child wasn't enough, her husband, John, passed away from cancer. Alice's entire world crumbled through the pain of death.

"I think having to organize the double funeral was the worst, it was so sad," she said. "Then at the funeral, walking behind the two coffins in the church, it was devastating."

For three years, Alice tried her best to move forward. But she questioned whether life held any more happiness for her.

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"I never thought I would find love again, I just felt a deep sadness and loneliness like there was nobody I could feel close to,” she explained. “I was very wary after what I had been through-the fear of losing them and being hurt again.”

Alice realized it was hard to relate to anyone who hasn't experienced loss. Alice then turned to online support for solace.

Yet, she found more than solace. She found understanding, friendship, and a second chance at love.

Widow Remarried Widower And Together, They Found Joy Again

It was here when she first spoke to Lee Palmer, a fellow widower who lost his son Joe and his wife Michelle. At first, they were just friends, but even online hope began to blossom.

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"After speaking to Alice online for a while, I thought, ‘I like this woman, I like her a lot', and I wanted to meet her. I never went on the group looking for romance, but there was just something about her, Lee said. "When we met, we just clicked. Now we're married, and it's nice to feel alive again. I spent nine or ten months on my own, and now I have someone to look forward to when I get home from work," he added.

At first, Alice wasn't sure if finding love a second time would be worth the risk of getting hurt again. Then she realized she needed to take the leap. She didn't want to be like other widows who seem to be just waiting to die.

"In my view, you have to learn to live with your loss otherwise, it eats away at you. You have to move on," Alice said. That's what she and Lee did.

The widow remarried the widower and they built a new life together while honoring their belated children. Alice carried her daughter Beth as an emblem on her dress while Lee wore one of his son Joe on his suit.

Lee and Alice are blessed to have found love again. Only God can create something tragic and turn it into something beautiful, like second chances.

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"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds," Psalm 147:3.

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