Wife With Cancer Tries on Wig and Her Husband’s Response Is Hilarious

wife with cancer

A wife with cancer tries on a wig and her loving husband’s response is hilarious.

Cancer is a horrible disease that does nothing but hurts and destroys. Families can be and often are left torn apart and devastated following a cancer diagnosis. Every moment takes on an added significance after learning that a loved one has cancer.

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Naturally, whenever cancer is involved, things take on a very serious and somber tone. There generally isn't much laughing or giggling after learning of a loved one's diagnosis. However, even during something as serious as a battle with cancer, it's still important to find little moments to share a laugh or two.

Husband Has Hilarious Response to Wife With Cancer Trying on Wig

The video posted on TikTok shows a family enduring a battle with cancer who found a reason to laugh.

The short clip begins with an older gentleman entering the house. As he walks in, he's informed that his wife of 63 years is currently trying on wigs. He is told that he needs to "be encouraging" and supportive of her efforts.

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The man's wife has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She is undergoing chemo and radiation treatments, according to the video’s caption.

The husband tells the person behind the camera that his wife trying on wigs is "good." From his verbal response and facial expression, the man genuinely wants to be supportive and provide encouragement.

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However, things don't entirely turn out that way. The husband turns the corner and sees his wife wearing a wig, and he immediately gives his honest opinion.

"Oh, look at that," he says to his wife. "I don't believe I like that. You know, you look like Willie Nelson."

Everyone in the room bursts into laughter at his honest and hilarious take on his wife's wig selection.

The video ends with the husband telling his wife, "No, honey, we got to get a different one."

Job 8:21 "The time will come when your mouth will be full of laughing, and cries of joy will come from your lips."

WATCH: Husband’s Hilarious Response To Wife With Cancer Trying On Wig Goes Viral

@jennjensc My parents have been married 63 years. My mom was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Shes doing chemo and radiation and smiling all she can ! #laughter #laughing #wig #chemo #chemotherapy #temufinds #marriage#myparents #willienelson #nohunny ♬ Always On My Mind – Willie Nelson

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