Kentucky Woman Becomes Lottery Winner And Pays It Forward In The Best Way

woman lottery winner

A woman lottery winner in Kentucky surprises others by paying it forward with her winnings. What a wonderful act of kindness!

Crystal Dunn recently put down $20 on an online lottery game and won $146,351 in return. She is one lucky lady! But Crystal said that she didn't believe it at first until she got an email from Kentucky lottery officials confirming her win.

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“It’s a pretty exciting feeling. I never thought I would win something like this, but this goes to show it can happen,” she said.

Woman Lottery Winner in Kentucky Pays It Forward with Gift Cards

After taxes, Crystal was able to collect $103,909.73, and what she did with her winnings was so sweet! Crystal went to her local grocery store and spent $2,000 on gift cards. Then she handed them out to strangers around the store.

"A few were taken back, thinking I was wanting something in return," Crystal said.

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But Crystal just wanted to share her good fortune with those around her. What an amazing way for this lucky woman to pay it forward!

Crystal shared that she is planning on using the rest of her winnings on paying off bills and buying a new car.

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May this news story help remind us that we are blessed to be a blessing! Thinking about ways that we can pour out to others and help people around us is really how we can be the hands and feet of Jesus. God bless Crystal for her generous heart and the way that she prioritized giving back when she was unexpectedly blessed herself.

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