A 12-Year-Old Gospel Singer Gave An Unforgettable Worship Performance

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You may think that you are about to watch a cute little kid sing a song, but the performance this 12-year-old gospel singer gave is going to knock you off of your feet!

It always brings a huge smile to my face when I see young children giving praise to the Lord. Miles is a 12-year-old gospel singer and he is not holding back when he is singing in worship! Music is a huge part of Miles' life. He has been singing in the church ever since he was old enough to have a microphone in his hands. Both of his parents are musicians, so you can see why this kid is just bubbling over with such an amazing gift.

He was on Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots, but there is nothing little about this guy's voice. He has a bold, strong, amazing voice and he is leading a choir in Kurt Carr's "That's Why I Praise You". It is amazing! As soon as Miles began to sing, everyone jumped out of their seat. I am sure they will never forget this performance.

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He is not shy at all with his voice and he is singing as if he has such confidence in the words of the song he is singing. Even though he is on a television show, he is singing as if he is leading everyone in worship in a church service. It is such an encouragement to see a young boy use his voice for the Kingdom of God.

WATCH: 12-Year-Old Gospel Singer Wowed The Crowd

Credit: Youtube/Little Big Shots

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